How long does it take to boost your immune system

03 / 03 / 2022

Having signs of weak immune system brings direct consequences to your health and makes you feel fragile, vulnerable and unable to feel confident, which gives room to a feeling of insecurity. In these situations it is essential to take care of yourself and that is the reason why you should know the answer to the next question: How long does it take to boost your immune system?

In Catalysis we want to help you to get through a run down immune system with a few pieces of advice from our professionals that have always been useful in order to feel healthy during these situations. Are you suffering from any illness or have felt tired lately? We can help you with it.

Let’s get started from the basis of this topic, so that we can be able to deeply develop it later and reach a solid conclusion of our main question: how long does it take to boost your immune system?

What is the immune system and its function?

The immune system is a large network that all of our bodies have to protect us from the infections and illnesses that are caused by microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. It is formed by organs, white blood cells, antibodies and chemicals that create a resistance which ensures the health standards of our metabolism.

But what happens when we have symptoms of low immune system? We must say that we are more prone to suffer from these kinds of illnesses that make us fragile and defenceless. For instance, catching a cold can cause minor symptoms to a healthy person, but have a serious impact on someone with signs of weak immune system.

This example is one of the main reasons why all of us must be concerned about why the immune system weakens and, therefore, finding a solution: how long does it take to boost your immune system? If you want to know more about it, keep reading.

What are the signs of a weak immune system?

When someone suffers from immune system related illnesses, such as cancer or AIDS, this person has a lot of information to look for in order to get helped with these serious problems. However, the issue comes when we do not have these kinds of illnesses, show symptoms of low immune system and do not carry a healthy lifestyle.

If you feel identified with this case, you must stay alert for the following symptoms:

  • Typical signs of having a cold, such as pneumonia, meningitis or bronchitis.
  • Skin infections that cause irregular allergic reactions.
  • Digestive system or appetite related problems.
  • Intense hair loss.
  • Constant fatigue and weakness in the daily routine.
  • Slow cicatrization of any wound or injury.

Being that said, let’s dive into what really concerns us in this post: How long does it take to boost your immune system?


How long does it take to boost your immune system?

If you are searching for a specific amount of weeks or months to recover from a run down immune system, we must tell you that it does not exist one concretely. This healing process is different in every person due to the disparity of all our organisms. Moreover, we can clearly see that there is a difference between the symptoms that some people show in comparison to others’.

The recovery will also depend on the daily habits of every single person who shows signs of weak immune system. Having a balanced diet, taking beneficial food complements and following the advice of specialists like us who have a long experience on treating immune system problems should be mandatory for you.

This is a progressive process and we have to ask you to be patient with it. The more strict and accurate you are, the better evolution you will have. It is as simple as that. Being     persistent will guarantee you excellent results, hopefully in the short term. But as we have said before, we can’t promise you a certain number of weeks or months.

So, how long does it take to boost your immune system? It is all about your attitude.

5 ways to take care of your symptoms of low immune system

Now that you have enough information about how long does it take to boost your immune system and the way it works, it is time to give you some final recommendations that will put an end to those signs of weak immune system:

Have a daily hygiene

Even if it seems to be obvious, not everyone who suffers from symptoms of low immune system fulfills this requirement. The main purpose of this is to keep the infectious agents as far as possible from you with some basic and routinary habits that will maintain your metabolism safe.

Some of the clearest examples are washing your hands before and after every meal or cleaning all the food that you are eating, especially fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is important to heal your wounds fast and correctly, and also to keep some distance with people who have diseases that might be detrimental for you.

Improve the ambiental health standards

In the process of knowing how long does it take to boost your immune system, the cleaning and disinfection of the spaces you spend time on is also important because it is where all the infectious agents, microorganisms and bacteria that we have talked about live. Do not hesitate to use chemical products to clean any surface and room.

Have a balanced diet

A bad diet is one of the main causes why you can show signs of weak immune system. A lot of people find it difficult to find a balance in these terms, but you must take in consideration that this is an easy way to prevent serious consequences on your organism.

Including fruits, vegetables and proteins in your diet will keep you healthy and will definitely help you to accelerate this process of knowing how long does it take to boost your immune system.

Find a nutritionist and ask them for a custom plan according to your needs. You can also suggest the use of food complements, such as the ones you will find in the Human section of our web page.

Do exercise every week

Establishing a weekly sports routine will help you to get through a run down immune system, but you have to be extremely careful. Don’t forget that you are not in the best physical situation and that any excess can hurt you even more. Therefore, we recommend you to find a specialist who can guide you and see your development.

Don’t forget about your mental health

Last, but not least. Sometimes we tend to forget about our mental health and just focus on the physical one, which is a big mistake. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, the best thing you can do is go to the psychologist and let them help you to find the way out of these illnesses. Do not try to solve the problem on your own, because you will just make it worse.


Boost your immune system with Catalysis

We hope that this post about how long does it take to boost your immune system was helpful for you. Now it is time to take action and put an end to your signs of weak immune system that impede you from feeling comfortable with yourself.

If you want to have a better lifestyle, we recommend you try the food complements and dermocosmetics that can be found in our shop. Take care of all the aspects that involve your health by using these supplementary products.