Immunonutrients Pack Ocoxin + Viusid

Everything an Immunonutrients Pack contains

The Immunonutrients Pack is made up of the perfect food supplements to fill you with strength and increase your well-being.

Ocoxin Oral Solution

This nutritional supplement is composed of plant extracts, amino acids and minerals that act in the body to help you feel better during aggressive therapies. In addition, it contains vitamins (C, B6, folic acid and B12) and zinc to help the immune system function better.


Thanks to its composition of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and liquorice root extract (glycyrrhizinic acid), Viusid acts as a powerful immunomodulator and antioxidant with antiviral properties. It is designed to boost immune defences. Its vitamin C helps protect cells against oxidative damage.

Ocoxin Capsules

Ocoxin in capsule format consists of a blend of green tea extract, cinnamon extract and antioxidants that promote cell care and improve the quality of life of those who take it.

Viusid Biotic

This blend of Viusid and 20 strains of probiotics, fructooligosaccharides (prebiotic), vitamin B complex, vitamin C and glutamine acts as a powerful cellular regenerator and recuperator, helping to maintain a more active and mature immune system. A varied and balanced content of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal microbiota.

Quality products for a better quality of life

We want to help you take care of yourself when you need to be taken care of the most. 

To achieve the greatest wellbeing and regain strength and energy, reducing the side effects of the toughest treatments, you have to start by giving your body the nutrients it needs.

The Ocoxin and Viusid products contained in the Immunonutrients Pack have been developed by Catalysis, a company that focuses its efforts on research for the creation of solutions that improve health and well-being.

All this is possible thanks to its great formulation made from specially selected plants and antioxidants.

Our priority: making you feel better


Proven efficacy

In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the Immunonutrient Pack, the products it contains have undergone extensive research in laboratories equipped with the most advanced technologies.


Start feeling better

Ocoxin helps to strengthen the body so that you can reduce the side effects caused by treatments using aggressive therapies. We can highlight the benefits that antioxidants have on free radicals in our body, improving people’s quality of life.


Boosts your immune system

Liquorice root extract (glycyrrhizinic acid), as well as other vitamin-rich ingredients, help to strengthen your immune system, increasing your body’s defences so that you have more strength during aggressive therapies.


Natural ingredients

Carefully selected ingredients are derived from plants with antioxidant power, which also provide the vitamins you need for maximum comfort and well-being.


The perfect complement

The food we eat every day has a direct influence on our body’s health. Giving it the nutrients it requires is essential to take care of it, especially when it is at its most vulnerable. The Immunonutrients Pack is designed to give you everything you require.


Committed to your health

Our products are subjected to the most rigorous controls required by European regulations. At Catalysis, we firmly believe in the importance of offering fast, effective and safe solutions for human health.

We take care of you when you need it most

Everything you need to feel better in one pack

The green tea, antioxidants, liquorice extract, cinnamon and other natural ingredients contained in Ocoxin and Viusid, available in different formats in our pack, have been chosen for their properties to detoxify, eliminate oxidative damage in the body and give the necessary strength to those undergoing aggressive treatments by reducing their toxicity.

Their action has been proven through different preclinical models, as well as in clinical studies, and has been shown to have a coadjuvant effect with conventional treatments.

Our products

Each pack contains one box of 90 capsules of Ocoxin, one box of 15 vials of Viusid, two boxes of 30 vials of Ocoxin Oral Solution and one box of 7 sachets of Viusid Biotic. 

All these products are perfectly compatible with medicines used in conventional treatments. Moreover, as they are of natural origin, not only are Ocoxin and Viusid in their different formats free of side effects, but they also help to reduce the side effects produced by more invasive treatments.

The pack contains all the products to be administered for 15 days.