Inmunonutrients Pack

We are committed to your health

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We are committed to your health

We are committed to your health

We offer answers obtained through a rigorous research process. This is the only way to ensure that Ocoxin will help you take care of your body and well-being

Ocoxin is a product widely recommended for its antioxidant strength and immune system enhancement. It is a powerful nutritional supplement that, based on natural components, contributes to a better quality of life and a better natural balance in the body during aggressive therapies

At Catalysis, we have a strong commitment to your health, and that is why we offer you a solution that will make you feel better and strengthen your body from the inside. All this through the power of antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, green tea and cinnamon.

Improve your quality of life during aggressive therapies with a natural supplement.

A product that will give you strength

Ocoxin is a nutritional supplement whose formulation includes plant extracts, amino acids, mineral and natural products with proven antioxidant activity.

Its action has been proven through different preclinical models, as well as in clinical studies, and has been shown to have a coadjuvant effect with conventional treatments. 

It contributes to the improvement of the quality of people who are undergoing conventional treatments, and also shows an improvement in the decrease of toxicity produced by aggressive therapies.

Inmunonutrients Pack

These are the products in pur pack

Oral Solution

Ocoxin Oral Solution (OSO) is made with plant extracts, amino acids and minerals with a high antioxidant potential to improve your well-being during aggressive therapies.


It is a powerful immunomodulator and antioxidant with antiviral properties. Its composition includes vitamins, minerals and liquorice root extract. It boosts your immune defences to give you the strength you are looking for during conventional treatments.


A blend of green tea extract, cinnamon extract and antioxidants.

Viusid Biotic

It is formed by the combination of Viusid plus 20 strains of probiotics, fructooligosaccharide, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and glutamine with a powerful action of recovery and cell regeneration.

The support your body deserves

Our diet has a great impact on the health of our body. That is why we must take care to nourish our body with the right foods, especially at times when it is at its most vulnerable.

Ocoxin is a food supplement specially developed to help improve the health of people who are being treated with aggressive therapies. All this is possible thanks to its great formulation created from specially selected plants and antioxidants.

Strengthens the immune system

Thanks to the action of liquorice extract and its vitamin-rich formulation, it strengthens your immune system by increasing the body’s defences to cope with aggressive therapies.

Protect yourself from within

It contains powerful antioxidants such as Epigallocatechin-3-gallate to protect against oxidative damage and free radicals. Selected ingredients such as cinnamon have also been included in the formulation to boost your biological activity.

Get the relief you're looking for

Ocoxin helps you strengthen your body and alleviate the side effects of aggressive therapies through carefully selected plants and the power of antioxidants.

Feeling good in your skin is possible

Discover how to get energy and protect your body from oxidative damage

What are your questions?

Does it have side effects?

All the products contained in the pack are of natural origin (vitamins, minerals, etc.) and no side effects have been observed. On the contrary, they reduce the side effects of conventional therapies.

How many capsules does each product in the pack include?

The pack contains a box of 90 Ocoxin capsules, a box with 15 vials of Viusid, two boxes with 15 vials each of Ocoxin Oral Solution and a box with 7 sachets of Viusid Biotic.

Can it be combined with medications?

Yes. The pack is fully compatible with medications and has shown good synergy with conventional treatments.

What is the frequency of intake?

The pack contains all the products that must be administered for 15 days.

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